Francis Fulton-Smith

Francis Fulton-Smith acted on the important stages of Germany, like the State Theatre of Brunswick, and the German Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, at last in 2013/14 in the Berlin Dom, where he was acting as the title charakter in “Jederman” Since this time, Francis Fulton-Smith continuously appears as a main actor in more than 150 roles in front of the camera; playing alongside with international stars like Horst Buchholz, Dietmar Schönherr, Maria Schneider, Jürgen Prochnow, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Pierre Cosso, Greta Scacci, Donald Sutherland, Gottfried John und Christoph Waltz.

At least Francis Fulton-Smith impresses with his award-winning film “Die Spiegel Affaire” in which he plays the Federal Minister of defence Franz-Josef Strauß. He persuades the critics as well as the audience once more, brilliant and multifaceted. For this role he won the “Bambi” and was nominated for the “Goldene Kamera”, the“German Television Award” and the “Hessian Flim and Television Award” 2014.